Hello, and welcome to Great Kids Educational Therapy!

My name is Joni Mahler. I am an Educational Therapist with a private practice in Alameda, California.

If you have concerns about your child’s learning, then you are in the right place. I specialize in the diagnosis and remediation of learning issues and disabilities. Sometimes learning problems show up in the areas of reading, writing, language, and math. At other times, issues may show up in handwriting, perceptual, or visual areas. Or, there may be no academic problem, but executive functioning, attention, or behavioral factors are contributing to difficulties at school and home. You may just be starting down the road seeking answers, or you may have already had extensive assessment performed, and be ready for intervention.  Either way, I am here to help.

Please feel free to explore my website. If you are not familiar with Educational Therapy, there is a general description of the field and what we do. There is no pre-set program – all testing and remediation is tailored precisely to what your child needs. For some, all that is needed is a minor “boost” to the child’s skill level, for others, moderate remediation is needed, and sometimes full-scale, intensive intervention is appropriate. For most students, explicit, systematic, multi-sensory instruction is indicated. For all, it is critical that the child’s strengths be identified and supported as well.

If needed, I can help coordinate your professional team, including your child’s teacher, school, pediatrician, neuropsychologist, and other support specialists. I can also provide referrals and recommendations for affiliated services.

Chances are, if you are here, you have some worries or concerns about your child or a child you know. I would be honored to see if I could assist you and your family in some way.