I am pleased to offer a complimentary one-half hour consultation to parents who are concerned about their child’s learning. Please email or call 510-205-9594 to schedule an appointment.

Intake and Assessment:

  • I will gather intake information, which may include previous testing results, reports, report cards, teacher comments, other interventions.
  • I will tailor any assessment to the individual student, ranging from full academic assessment to focused assessments of reading, math, writing, and/or perceptual skills.

Report and Recommendations:

  • You will receive a written report summarizing your child’s background, assessment results, interpretation of the results, and recommendations for a treatment plan.


  • Individual (once or twice weekly for 55 minute sessions, using customized lesson plans and activities)
  • Intensive (recommended for reading intervention: individual sessions, usually 4 days per week, 60- 90 minutes per session, for period of 6-10 weeks)
  • Small Group (periodically available for handwriting or math skills)

Coordination of Team:

  • If needed, the treatment plan will be coordinated between parents, school and teachers.
  • Additionally, coordination can be performed with any of the child’s team members, which might include the child’s pediatrician, speech and language therapist, occupational therapist, social skills therapist and other support professionals.

Parent Support and Guidance

  • Parent support continues with issues of school performance, behavior, parenting, and school placement.


Developmental History Assessment

Contract for Services and Policy Information

Authorization to Release Information