From Students

A note left by a student after a session:

quote_start quote_endI like Joni. She is fun and funny and smart. And kind. And loveing.
MM, age 9

From a parent: “Here is a spontaneous 1 year update – (JW) said the most wonderful things about his work with you”:

quote_start I learn more math with Joni in a week than I ever learned in school quote_end and only go two times. Can you imagine what it would be like to have Joni for every class, how much I would learn?’
JW, age 12

From Parents

quote_startWe are so glad we were referred to Joni Mahler at Great Kids Educational Therapy! There has been visible progress in our child’s reading, math and reasoning skills in just 10 months of twice-weekly sessions. Our child has greater confidence in her abilities now thanks to Joni’s caring and encouraging approach. In addition to one-on-one sessions with our child, Joni has also helped us interpret testing reports from outside professionals, attended school meetings and advocated for our child. Joni is a well-trained professional who keeps up-to-date with the latest developments in ed therapy. She has lots of fun activities and games that keep kids engaged.quote_endI highly recommend Joni for anyone who is looking for a caring professional who knows her stuff and genuinely likes children.

quote_startJoni rescued our family from hell! When we discovered our daughter was having reading problems, her public high school was both unable and unwilling to offer any help at all. We had NO idea what was wrong or how to go about finding help. Thankfully, a friend recommended Joni. Joni listened carefully to our story and was quickly able to give us expert guidance. She recommended the appropriate testing, which resulted in a correct diagnosis and treatment of what turned out to be a binocular vision problem. She also gave us practical strategies for dealing with the high school during the interim until our daughter’s problem could be resolved. We will be forever grateful that Joni quote_end helped us get our daughter back on track, especially at a critical time in her life when she was starting to make college and career choices.


quote_startJoni has incredible insight about what’s going on for a kid struggling in school. She is compassionate and had empathy for both my daughter and me. She spent time with my daughter to narrow down what was going on for her in math. At the end of the time Joni spent evaluating how she performed on various diagnostic tests, Joni spent time with me in person and prepared a thoughtful report that articulated the struggle my daughter was having in a way that helped ME be more empathetic rather than assuming my daughter was being obstinate and disagreeable just for the sake of it. Joni not only took the results of the diagnostic tests, but made observations about how my daughter attacked various math problems which added necessary flavor to the variousquote_end approaches my daughter was trying to utilize, even though they did not result in success during the diagnostics.

Excerpted from a holiday note:

quote_startDear Joni, We are so grateful for the work you do. M. has made significant progressquote_end thanks to your patient, gentle, fun approach. You are one of those special people who brings the best of you to work.

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